Jim McDonald   Tuesday, 4/25/00, 12:59 PM.    
You have expanded my experience of bodywork beyond anything I have ever known or thought possible. It is a rare opportunity to meet a health professional with your natural gifts, skills and dedication. E-mail: jimmcdonald@group100.com

Stephen Canning    Friday, 5/12/00, 1:19 AM
Adam left behind a great reputation in Australia for his fantastic bodywork. When you have finished with him please send him back-we need him!! Web Site: Camp Eden E-mail: stephen@campeden.com.au

Rick Mills   Saturday, 5/13/00, 9:22 PM.    
Adam, You are truly a gifted healer. I left your table feeling energized, focused and very happy. Your website is one of the better ones but it doesn't begin to do your services justice. You are my new best friend! Rick Mills Long Beach, CA E-mail: rickrmills@aol.com

Bryce   Sunday, 7/16/00, 7:28 PM.   
Absolutely the most incredible massage I've ever had. Adam is definitely a professional and his technique shows that he is truly a trained and skilled massage therapist. E-mail: bbonet@hotmail.com

Surini     Monday, 7/17/00, 3:35 PM
I feel completely invigorated after each therapy, and keep looking forward to the next one. Thank you, Adam, for your continued dedication in keeping me well. E-mail: surini819@aol.com

Angel  Monday, 7/17/00, 4:08 PM
No one else could be more natural, or even as natural as Adam and his therapeutic abilities. I can't begin to tell you how amazing he is. E-mail: mootnme@aol.com

Ron    Friday, 7/28/00, 4:33 PM
Adam is phenomenal...from the first time I layed on the table, he made me feel comfortable, which isn't an easy thing for me. He became completely in tune with my body right away, and genuinely cares about my well being. Not only is he a great therapist, but he's also a wonderful human being, making for an instant connection to a more difficult "trust" level. I can't recommend him enough. E-mail: Sweatsport65@aol.com

Linda Jeffers    Monday, 7/31/00, 5:28 PM
I'm conservative, not quick to trust and hard to please when it comes to being massaged. A painful back due to years of excessive exercising and recent back muscle spasms convinced me to trust a gym mate's suggestion that he had the man who could help me. How lucky I am to have called Adam. I felt very comfortable with Adam from my first visit. The moment I met Adam I was impressed with his professional ways, his sensitivity to my transparent awkwardness, his knowledge of what is good for the body, his very special touch,(what magical hands!), and his heart felt love of the gift he has been given to restore health and make one feel very special. Thank You Raylinlane@aol.com

Albert Clayton Gaulden     Thursday, 9/7/00, 1:53 PM
Adam Ford is one of the world's best massage therapists, with the emphasis on therapist. I have had two sessions with him that were electrifying and spellbinding. Having driven for more than nine hours the first session, Adam was able to knead and invade old corners of consciousness that had oozed out into muscle tension and spasm. Confident and composed, he took me on an experience that challenged me to accept the corporal composition of my discontent. Catch him if you can because it won't be long before someone like me hires him away from the mass market. He is going to see a lot of me. Albert Clayton Gaulden, E-mail: prince@sedona.net

Eric,     Sunday, 3/25/01, 11:30 PM

Adam is unbelievable. After the first session, we discussed what would it take and how long to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders which was caused by stress. After we established the approximate time frame, he was incredible. Not only was he able to do what he claim but he was honest and sincere and a pleasant person to talk to. He makes you feel very comfortable but especially very relaxed. I work in the corporate world and would drive the distance to get what I pay for. Very difficult to find a true therapist with proper qualification. Adam will not disappoint you. You can rest assure that he knows what he is doing and knows a great deal about nutrition as well. He is a very intelligent individual with much insights. My neck and shoulders are feeling much better now and from time to time, I periodically see Adam for a follow up session or simply to end a stressful week with a relaxing massage. For a professional therapist, Adam is the man. From: Southern California area.

Del Shores   Tuesday, 11/6/01, 1:03 PM
After a car accident I experienced severe whiplash. My doctor recommended massage therapy, so I contacted Adam. I have had many many massages in my life, but I have never had better than Adam's. Not only is he tuned into the body, but he is amazingly tuned in YOUR body. He feels, he touches and he massages to your specific needs, aches and pains -- and has a caring, loving attitude that just makes the experience unforgettable. Plus, the boy ain't hard on the eyes either and that doesn't hurt. I recommend Adam Ford to EVERYONE! Del Shores
From: Los Angeles

Daniele Renee     Wednesday, 11/14/01, 11:42 AM
I do believe Adam kept me from going insane from the pain I was feeling. He was absolutely magnificent. He clearly knows what he's doing. I had a lower back injury that was very sensitive and he knew exactly where to go to assist the muscles in relieving the pain. I haven't had a massage since I've been here in LA, because I didn't feel any of the massage therapists I had met took an active interest in the knowledge of the body. I will be seeing Adam on a regular basis...mot to mention he's very sweet.
From: New York
E-mail:  dmmom44@hotmail.com

Bill      Monday, 1/7/02, 12:04 PM
Testimonial, One phrase does not do Adam¿s Massage Justice !! The 2-Phrases that I feel properly describe my experience are: 1. Very Deliberate and Assertive Techniques 2. With Un-Believable Results Having an injured lower back from a sports accident and a life that is everything but stress free I use massage therapy to provide some relief. Never have I experienced from any masseur such a deliberate and assertive massage that was tremendously effective for me. Adam is truly dedicated and engaged in his mission of helping improve the way you feel. His deliberate techniques and methods target your specific needs and Adam provides helpful information on ways to feel better and manage physical challenges as you live each day. The time spent with Adam was one of the most beneficial physical experiences I have ever had. Adam Made A Difference !! Bill from Miami, Fla.
From: FLA

These testimonials have all been taken from my guest book and are real entries by real people. Please feel free to enter your own comments after your treatment.
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