Things To Know About Me ~

~ I am an Australian and totally love the USA ~
~ I am very sporty ~
~ I surf and wakeboard every weekend in the summer ~
~ I Snowboard my ass off in the winter ~
~I love watching MMA~
~ I am "Straight" in my own sexuality ~
~ My clients consist of Str8, Gay and Curious~
~ I am totally ok with all types ~
~ I am highly qualified in all aspects of massage, anatomy, 
physiology, nutrition, weight loss, exercise and the greater understanding of peoples needs and behaviors ~
~ I want you to be totally open with me ~
~ I am willing to customize your massage to the
 best of my abilities ~
~ I won't answer any anatomical questions 
about my own body on the phone other than these...
Weight...175 lbs
Eyes ... Green
Athletic !
I'm a real Aussie....No Bull Shit!


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Deep Tissue Massage

This form of Massage therapy is the type that most people want, but rarely get.  Everyone enjoys the feeling of having the therapist just, "GET IT", and then just "STAY THERE".Sadly...Most therapists are simply not strong enough to perform good and satisfying deep tissue work.  A technique called "Cross Fibering" breaks up muscle and connective tissue that has become stuck together, and helps to release muscle contractions or spasms. "Deep Tissue Therapy" is a title that has been given a range of therapies that just happen to affect the deeper layers of tissue in the body. For example...Shiatsu is deep tissue, Rolfing is also deep tissue, and so on; it's not just one type of therapy, rather it's a result. My Deep Tissue Therapy is an array of cross fiber frictions and long deep strokes along the length of the muscles. Cross fibering is when the thumbs, or fingers (if the therapist is strong) are pushed back and forth across the affected muscle strands, so as to break apart the gluey or calcified feeling in the muscle. This could be likened to wire brushing a piece of rusty metal to break loose all the undesirable mater.  Longitudinal strokes are applied to the muscle groups in the same direction that they run, in order to warm up the tissue before the cross fibering. This is to prepare them for the main event, and then again afterwards to flush the toxins out and into the Lymphatic System.
Structural Integration

Is a term that has been coined to try to explain the process and net effects of what happens when certain types of deep tissue, cross fiber frictions, and stretching techniques are applied.  Have you ever noticed that certain people are hunched over, or their head is too far forward, or more commonly, they have a swayed lower back?  These are just some of the things that are addressed by this specific title.  
When spasmed muscles are released, and new life is breathed into them by way of moving the toxins out and blood in, the length of the muscle can be affected. With a muscle, along with tendons and fascia, (the translucent skin that surrounds all muscle tissue) being brought back to it's correct length wonderful things can happen.  The body's entire structure and posture can be gradually urged back into it's intended alignment. 
Nerves are almost always adversely affected when the tension of muscles and alignment of the skeleton is wrong, and this can happen so slowly over a period of time, that the person wont even notice it.  It is very important to address this in order to keep you good shape the long term. Poor posture is present in almost all people I see today, and is easy to change with a combination body therapy, good abdominal strength and regular stretching.

Japanese massage, sometimes known as Accupressure. The word Shiatsu means "Finger Pressure" or "Healing Pressure". In it's native Japan, this style of body work earned the title of Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy, due to it's amazing influence over the neuro-muscular systems of the human body. Anyone who has experienced it can attest to this fact. 

The recipient of a Shiatsu treatment is typically clothed or draped with a towel or sheet; no oils are used, as a good purchase on the skin and underlying muscle tissue are required for best results. The theory of this method is very simple...There are channels or rivers of life energy known as Chi to the Chinese and Qi to the Japanese, that run through the body. This energy can be felt when we take deep breaths, in the form of a warm glow welling inside our body. When these rivers of energy block up, they can become stagnant or flow in the wrong direction, so... just as in the case of a real river that isn't flowing correctly, this can result in feelings of disharmony and a weakened immune system. The pressure from the fingers, feet or elbows can unblock these energy dams and restore health once again.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common style of massage that everyone seems to know.  It is easy to receive and a great way to break into massage if you are not used to getting them.  There is no pain involved and is very relaxing indeed. The benefits of this gentle technique are; the release of nervous tension, drainage of the Lymphatic system, and an overall feeling of wellbeing and sleepiness.  This technique can be used in conjunction with the other more active styles of massage in order to make you relaxed and peaceful at the end.

Lactic Acid
How It Affects You
This is the nasty by product of muscular activity that occurs when oxygen can not be used as the fuel source.  When your body  runs, moves or lifts in such a way as to require more energy than  oxygen or fat can provide, it resorts to the use of Blood Sugar, or Glycogen.  This process is called Anaerobic activity, meaning, without oxygen.  Just as the waste product from your car's engine is carbon monoxide, and is toxic, so too is Lactic acid a toxic by product of Glycogen burning in your muscles.  Normally oxygen and or fat, or Lipids, are used to produce energy in the muscle tissue.  This will only work for you if your energy needs are not too high or intense.  Just as a burst of nitrous oxide into your cars engine will cause it to create a lot more energy for a short time, so to will Glycogen create a short burst of energy in your muscles.
The problem is... Lactic Acid hurts!
and that's only the beginning.  Large amounts of it will create a cycle of muscle spasms in places like your neck, and between your shoulder blades and will not go away on it's own.  More to come soon.
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